Just as Mohinder starts an experiment on Peter, Sylar arrives and kills Dr. Livitz and rescues Peter. Arthur throws some electricity at Peter but misses, driving Peter to escape. Arthur holds Mohinder from hurting Sylar and explains that Sylar is his son. Arthur informs Sylar that Angela attempted to eliminate him as a baby and Sylar chooses to side with Arthur, telekinetically launching Peter out of a window. Via a spirit walk, it is shown that Arthur ordered Nathan’s accident, which led Heidi to become paralyzed. Arthur went on to plan another effort on Nathan’s life with the aid of Linderman. Angela strives to kill Arthur upon learning of his intentions for Nathan. Arthur, bedridden has Dr. Livitz to tell Angela and his family that he is dead. In the modern time, Arthur learns of Hiro’s spirit walk and teleports to Africa and kills Usutu, also deleting Hiro’s recollections to the point where he believes he’s ten. With this power I would’nt have any need for packers and movers since moving stuff from one location to antother would be very easy. (more…)



Senator Nathan Petrelli was the boy of Arthur and Angela, beloved brother of Peter and natural father of Claire Bennet. He also had a couple of sons, Simon, and Monty by his ex-wife Heidi Petrelli. He possessed the ability of flying. He was the namesake of one of Claire’s children as called by his parent.Nathan is occupied with his campaign while his brother insists he can fly. Peter resorts to plummeting from a building, but Nathan flies, yet fails to grasp him. The next day, Nathan is forced to acknowledge that he can fly. He says to the public that Peter is suicidal to keep the reporters away. Mohinder bothers him on the streets, which he gets away from, and he meets beside Niki, whom he sleeps with. During his rest, he is captured by Bennet and the Haitian, whom he flies from. Landing at a diner, he faces Hiro, and is warned of a dark tomorrow, but is told he will acquire the victory in the election. Back to New York, he has brunch with his family and buys a painting from Linderman at his brother’s request. He takes it to Isaac’s loft, and, upon detecting it, splashes it with paint, leaving Simone amidst the mess. He suddenly gets Peter from jail after the homecoming occurrence and observes him fall unconscious, after insisting he is the bomb. Nathan waits at his side for two weeks. He revisits Isaac and Simone about the portraits, engaging with Hiro again. They discuss and agree to stop the exploding man. Nathan finds Mohinder, and they unsuccessfully try to calm Peter down in his apartment. During these scenes I can’t help but wonder why no one uses thier phones more right its no like mobile phone repair is a problem there are shops every where now. (more…)


Hiro operates at Yamagato Industries when his power exhibits. He tries proving his friend, Ando, but disappoints. Growing weary of Japan, he teleports to New York, only to be five weeks in the future. Collecting 9th Wonders! And viewing Isaac’s dead body, he leaves an explosion and returns to the present. He proves Ando of his powers, and they travel to Las Vegas. After beating at gambling, the friends part ways following an argument, and Hiro joins Nathan in a diner, discussing him about the future. Returning to Las Vegas and joining with Ando, they end up helping the high roller they cheated until he is executed. They then help D.L. save a girl and reach the Burnt Toast Diner, where Hiro hits it off with a waitress. She is shortly killed, and Hiro time travels to protect her.
Hiro proves his power to Charlie. He reaches six months in the past and continually tries to tell Charlie of her coming fate. Nevertheless, he falls in love with her, and visa versa and Hiro explains his power by folding 1,000 origami cranes. They plan to leave for Japan when they dip in for a kiss – only for Hiro to resemble on the rooftop of Yamagato Industries.He returns to the Diner, and reasons he had failed in his task when the cheerleader Peter informed him about is supposed to have been killed. They meet with Isaac, and he paints Hiro facing a dinosaur. Hiro promises to get the sword and travels to the Museum of Natural History with Ando. Seeing his power quickly declining over two weeks, Hiro finds the weapon is controlled by the Linderman Group and receives help from both Nathan and Simone to locate it. (more…)


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One of my favorite programs of all time has to be heroes because it brought a new idea of what it means Peter Petrelli is a hospice nurse who keeps having wondrous dreams that he can fly. Later, he reaches on top of a building, launches himself off, and is rescued by his brother Nathan, who can also fly. Peter finally learns that his power is really the ability to absorb the abilities of those he meets. Peter visits Mohinder Suresh, looking for the creator of Activating Evolution. While Peter and Mohinder are on a subway train, time stops, and Peter has a talk from a Japanese man, who informs him that Peter needs to “save the cheerleader, save the world.”  When he joins Isaac Mendez, Peter finished a mural portraying a dead and mangled cheerleader. Peter realizes he needs to save this girl, and upon viewing another painting, heads to a homecoming, in Odessa, TX. There, he meets Claire Bennet and succeeds to stop her from being murdered by an unknown stranger. (more…)